As an artist my practice extends across sound, video and interactive installation. My work and performances have been presented by Time Machine Festival, Cementa 13, Avant Whatever, Firstdraft Gallery, Critical Animals (This Is Not Art), Multiples, Liquid Architecture, Sound Series and Experimenta.

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Curator and Producer

Projects include;  Serial Space, Electrofringe, Tele Visions, High Reflections, Moduluxxx and Lion Mountain Studios. More on these below.

Tele Visions

Tele Visions was an experimental intervention of the TV medium in the last days of analog TV in Australia, a temporary pop up TV channel that ran from the 28th of November to the 3rd of December.



Ongoing collaboration with Ben Byrne of Avant Whatever. Nadir started as a noise project and has morphed into something that while still noisy is ore focussed upon combining generative processes and improvisation.


Lion Mountain Studio

A collaborative community project developed to assist to build capacity for audio and media production in Sydney's Sierra Leone community.


Serial Space

Running from 2007 – 2012, Serial Space was an artist run space dedicated to providing a platform for artists undertaking ambitious and experimental projects. 



I was involved in organising Electrofringe (part of This Is Not Art) from 2004 - 2010 includuing as a director in 2007 and 2008.



A festival of modular synthesis collaboratively produced with Pia van Gelder,  something between a museum, a LAN party and a pet show Moduluxxx was held in 2012 and 2013 and may or may not come back again. Its program has featured talks and performances by artists and module makers anda 'sample and hold' petting zoo, Included appearances by Russell Haswell, Robin Fox, LZX Industries, Mutable Instruments, Pittsburgh Modular and many more. 

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