Slight Lull at First Draft Gallery

I have a work at First Draft form 7 to the 21 of August. It is a dual screen installation showing analog video using a generative digital control system. The work is part of a series of activities I'm undertaking this year in response to the shut down of analog TV in Australia. 

Artists statement:

The introduction of Television came with much possibility for art making but as a broadcast platform it has rarely delivered remaining closed off aside from some occasional incursions.
However the technology itself offered an instantaneous raw and unmediated audiovisual language that was utlised by several artists before video became a viable medium in the mid 1960’s. This direct manipulation of a TV through electricity or magnetism was the beginning of video synthesis.

Analog TV broadcasting is being shutdown, 2013 will be the last year these signals are transmitted in Australia. Slight Lull utilises a video synthesis system to generate a video form with audio signals. Continually drooping, “Slight Lull” simulates a sort of never ending moment of turning off, voltage dropping and winding down.

This project is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Music Board

Andrew Frost from the Art Life wrote a short review of the work here