Nadir Record Release

For the past 4 years I have been working with Ben Byrne on a something that started a an improvised noise project Nadir, over that time we've played a bunch of gigs and released a few short EPs. The project has shofted a great deal since it begun - its still noisey and it is essentially improvised but the process is very generative and we've found a sound that I think is quite distinct from what is normally called noise music. 

Have a listen and pick up a copy here.

Tele Visions Afterlude at Experimenta International Biennale of Media Art

Tele Visions Afterlude is a new iteration of the Tele Visions project. A number of self-generating TV channels continuously play the live TV pieces and selected screen works from the original broadcast. Viewers can navigate through the works by pressing the buttons on the coffee table (created by the amazing Sam Bruce) to change channels and rewind or fast-forward through each piece. Tele Visions Afterlude is at once an archive of the original broadcast, a solution to presenting a large volume of screen works in a gallery context, and a reference to what post-analog TV has become. 

Dream Job

I'm very excited to have taken on a new position at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia as the Digital Learning Producer. I suspect this will have a bit of an impact on my other interests but the pay off will be that my day job is incredible! 

In the role I'll be working to build their capacity for getting creative with technology onsite, trying to build digital engagement from schools and hopefully doing some skills development programming for adults. 

Desiring Machines at The Lock Up Newcastle for Critical Animals


Curated by Critical Animals as part of This Is Not Art Festival. The artists in Desiring Machines meditate on the traces of human experience in data, make human interventions into the realm of the machine and find ways in which technology aids social exchange. In doing so they convert the visual and technological effluvium that occupies our lives into material that encourages empathy and connection.

Featuring work from Tega Brain, Dylan Hammond, Victoria Hempstead, Kirsty Hulme, Ben Kolaitis, Down Joy Leong, Jake Moore, Sara Morawetz, Kate Vassalo & James Lieutenanat, and Alex White.

Installation at CarriageWorks for FBI 10th Birthday

Video / sculpture installed at CarriageWorks for FBI's 10th birthday. Community radio has been a big part of my life for a long time and FBI have genuinely changed this city in the last 10 years - so I was very excited to have this opportunity. The work was installed in a corridor on the way to the toilets - with 8000 punters there from midday to midnight its definitely the biggest audience my work has been exposed to date!

More info on the birthday here.

Slight Lull at First Draft Gallery

I have a work at First Draft form 7 to the 21 of August. It is a dual screen installation showing analog video using a generative digital control system. The work is part of a series of activities I'm undertaking this year in response to the shut down of analog TV in Australia. 

Artists statement:

The introduction of Television came with much possibility for art making but as a broadcast platform it has rarely delivered remaining closed off aside from some occasional incursions.
However the technology itself offered an instantaneous raw and unmediated audiovisual language that was utlised by several artists before video became a viable medium in the mid 1960’s. This direct manipulation of a TV through electricity or magnetism was the beginning of video synthesis.

Analog TV broadcasting is being shutdown, 2013 will be the last year these signals are transmitted in Australia. Slight Lull utilises a video synthesis system to generate a video form with audio signals. Continually drooping, “Slight Lull” simulates a sort of never ending moment of turning off, voltage dropping and winding down.

This project is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Music Board

Andrew Frost from the Art Life wrote a short review of the work here


Nadir feature on New Weird Australia Compilation


New Weird Australia has released a compilation of live recordings of on-air performances. Nadir performed live on the NWA radio show on FBi in April 2012. Thanks to Stuart Buchanan for putting this together, lots of excellent experimental Australian music to be found at NWA.

NWA has a sister label ‘Wood and Wire’ recently releasedMachine Death a new wave sludge core project of Ben Byrne, co creator of Nadir. Machine Death is one of my favorite releases of all time. Its a free download you owe it to yourself to check it out! 

De-Composite at Time Machine

For the past week or so I’ve had a installation video work atTime Machine a festival curated and organised by the folk who run Serial Space

The video is produced by my LZX video synth, which is being controlled by a Reaktor patch. The patch uses data from a camera in the space tracking the audience. As a person enters the space a new sound and video element is randomly generated. These various elements are sequenced and variations extrapolated.  

de-composite 2012.jpg


A Long Road


I’ve recently revisited a slightly abandoned video art making practice. I used play a lot with analog video using a huge sony professional CRT making use of the separate inputs for vertical and horizontal sync along with an ancient test oscillator plugged into various inputs. 

Unfortunately after moving house with the 30kg + sony for about the 4th time I lost my patience and left it for the council to pick up. 

Silent version of video work made in 2007 using HP square wave oscillator from 1960's and fed back mixer going into Sony monitor on RGB and V + H sync.